Harvey Flood Horses Headed to Auction

Harvey Flood Horses Headed to Auction

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Horses saved from rising floodwaters after Hurricane Harvey last month remain unclaimed by their owners. As a result, they could end up at auction this week and this may be just the beginning.

A College Station Fire responder patiently rescued a bay paralyzed by fear as floodwaters surged. Today, the 10-year-old mare continues waiting for her owners. Similarly, Brazos County has a 5-year-old mare impounded after she was overwhelmed by the flooding.

The equines only suffered minor injuries during their August 27 water rescues.

Attempts to find the horses’ owners have been unsuccessful, officials say. The state can sell stray livestock at auction, only if they wait 18 days, and follow procedures attempting to notify the owner. The county extended the period to 30 days, as a result of the hurricane. Brazos County requires stray horses be sold at auction, although some counties allow non-profit horse rescues to step in.

The deadline and auction are Tuesday.

If auctioned, College Station’s Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society plans on bidding. Co-founder and horse rescue president Jennifer Williams, Ph.D. says Bluebonnet doesn’t normally purchase horses at auction. “We had money donated specifically for helping Harvey horses and have plenty of foster homes…”

If you’d like to help, you can send a donation to Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society marked “Brazos Horses” to make sure the rescue is not outbid by kill buyers.

If you would like more information or believe one of the horses is yours, contact Brazos County Animal Control at 979-361-4923.

The Livestock Commission is auctioning the horses on Highway 21 in Bryan at Noon on Tuesday, September 26. Photos of both horses are below.

Stay with us as we keep you updated about other Harvey Flood Horses headed to auction.

Harvey Flood Horses headed to auction
10-year-old mare
Impounded by Brazos County Sheriff after Hurricane Harvey
5 year-old-mare