Fraudster Horse Breeder Sentenced to Prison for Theft

Fraudster Horse Breeder Sentenced to Prison for Theft

Bennie Lynn Clawson

A South Carolina horse breeder is behind bars after pleading guilty to theft Monday. A judge sentenced Bennie Lynn Clawson of McConnells to 6-months in prison for obtaining goods under false pretenses.

Bennie Lynn Clawson is a horse breeder with a history of criminal convictions
Bennie Lynn Clawson

Clawson did not get a deal from the solicitor’s office, according to Hannah Grove 16th Circuit Assistant Solicitor. If the case had gone to trial, the Clawson Farms owner faced up to 10-years in prison.

Clawson pleaded guilty in 2013 to stealing money from a fundraiser meant for car accident victim and former American Junior Paint Horse Association (AjPHA) president Banks Ready. She was sentenced to 90-days in jail, 5-years probation, and just over $7,000 restitution. Clawson was ordered not to do any online fundraising or charitable money collection.

The American Paint Horse breeder was still serving probation, although upon her release she will be unsupervised.

Ready’s father, George Ready is an attorney and retired circuit court judge in Mississippi. He says he is “very disappointed” with Clawson’s sentence.

“Turns out she is a 5-time loser and yet she gets a 6-month sentence,” Ready adds.

Clawson is also facing criminal charges in North Carolina for felony obtaining property by false pretenses and issuing a worthless check. She was arrested last month after she allegedly wrote a check for hay on an account that had been closed for years.

Grove says she was not aware of the out-of-state case against Clawson.

Clawson’s rap sheet includes convictions for forgery and bad checks dating back to at least 2005.

“Obviously crime is paying for her and she will go right back to the same actions,” Ready concludes.