Former Horse Rescue Operator Wanted on 100K Warrants The faces of Thomas Jessberger.  

Former Horse Rescue Operator Wanted on 100K Warrants

The former operator of Rocky Acres Horse Rescue & Sanctuary is a wanted man. Thomas Jessberger has two $100,000 warrants out for his arrest after he failed to appear in a Montana court on Friday.
Jessberger’s defense attorney says she doesn’t know his location.
Jessberger is charged with 34 felony counts of animal cruelty. In March, Broadwater County Sheriff’s Deputies seized 29 horses from Rocky Acres after numerous complaints were received. Two horses were euthanized due to their poor condition.
Jessberger and co-defendant, Dalene Rindal, pleaded not guilty. Rindal’s attorney filed a motion to withdraw as counsel due to his client’s inability to pay. The pair was scheduled to stand trial in early December.

In June, Jessberger pleaded no contest to writing more than $10,000 in bad checks. He was given a five-year suspended sentence.
Broadwater County Attorney Karla Mae Bosse announced she has filed a petition to revoke his sentence.
Jessberger faces a felony charge in Yellowstone County, which is a violation of his bond on the animal cruelty charges.
Jessberger is no stranger to crime in other states, including Kentucky. County Attorney Bosse told the court that he may have charges pending in California.
If you have seen Jessberger, or know his location, call the Broadwater County Sheriff’s Office at 406-266-3441.