Florida's Langton Charged with Drugging, Raping Teen

Florida’s Langton Charged with Drugging, Raping Teen

Teen helped in home, vet clinic

Florida authorities arrested and charged former equine veterinarian Scott Langton, 42, with felony sexual battery of a teen.

Langton’s former teenage worker is accusing him of drugging and raping her at his house almost four years ago. Langton hired the equestrian to watch his children and help with horses being treated at Corner Lake Equine Hospital, which is located on his house’s property. His wife was out of town during the alleged November 2013 rape.

Scott Langton makes his first appearance on a sexual battery charge in Orange County
Scott Langton makes his first appearance on a sexual battery charge in Orange County

The young rider alleges Langton gave her an unknown medication, because she was in pain after a horse riding injury. He allegedly gave her four to six pills out of a big white bottle. “The medication caused her vision and awareness to become hindered” and that is when the rape occurred, court documents state.

The victim said, “she didn’t think twice about taking the medication Langton gave her because he has treated her horse and she trusted him.”

After the alleged sexual battery, the victim told investigators she quit working for the family a few months later.

“She felt numb and stated this incident took a long time for her to process” and “she was scared of Langton because of what he did to her.”

It wasn’t until January 2017, that the victim confided in family and friends about the alleged rape, which led to her filing a police report. Orange County Sheriff Office detectives from the Major Sex Crimes Unit began investigating the Avalon Veterinary Clinic owner in March.

Langton did not cooperate with the criminal investigation, according to investigators’ notes.

October 2013 drugging allegations

In February 2014, Langton faced two charges including kidnapping with the intent to inflict harm. Florida Chief Assistant State Attorney Deborah Barra dropped the charges four months later.

The arrest affidavit we obtained states Langton allegedly drugged another equestrian at his house in October 2013.

 … as she made her way towards the exit, without warning, Langton became violent and pushed her a few times. At one point [the victim] fell to the floor. While on the floor, Langton climbed on top of [the victim’s] chest and pinned her down. She states he pinned her down and injected her with an unknown substance into her thigh area. [The victim] states she became weak and couldn’t move. She blacked out and woke up with an intravenous needle in her arm attached to a bag of unknown fluid.

Langton publically began his downward descent in January. Drunk, he crashed his vehicle into a tree while in possession of cocaine and a schedule IV controlled substance.

Subsequently, he relinquished his veterinarian license.

A Seminole County judge adjudicated Langton guilty of driving under the influence in August. He was sentenced to one-year probation, a suspended license, and drug court.

Langton is scheduled for arraignment in the sexual battery case on October 11. Stay with us as we continue to follow this case.


Update: On September 28, Seminole County terminated Scott Langton’s participation in drug court, which sends his DUI / drug case back to criminal court. He is ordered to appear on November 1 in that case.


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