Florida Horse Trainer Charged with Giving Minors Alcohol prior to Accident Gina Warren 

Florida Horse Trainer Charged with Giving Minors Alcohol prior to Accident

Head injury after horse fall

A Florida horse trainer is charged with multiple counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors after she allegedly gave her horseback riding students alcohol before they saddled up. Gina Warren’s alleged actions may have contributed to a serious riding accident.

Gina Warren
Gina Warren

Police officers were called to Tree Tops Park in Davie regarding a girl that was injured just over a week ago. The minor’s injuries included a compound fracture of her right leg, and bleeding from her nose, ears, and mouth. She was unconscious but breathing.

Warren, a barrel racer, owns GT Stables in Davie. The stable advertises horse boarding, horse training and riding lessons for english and western riders.

Warren allegedly told police she was responsible for the four girls ages 13 to 16-years old. The police report states they were riding through the park “when one of the students was thrown from her horse as it collided with a tree.” The officer states he observed several scrapes and abrasions near the horse’s right eye.

Minors, horses, and alcohol

Police received a tip from a park employee that Warren gave the girls Mike’s Hard Lemonade, which is an alcoholic beverage. The bottles were found in the trash, but Warren denied the claim.

When police questioned the teens they said Warren told them they could have the alcoholic beverage, but “needed to drink water to make sure they didn’t get a headache.” One of the girls told police Warren purchased alcohol for them previously. The teen also admitted to drinking at the stables with Warren’s knowledge. Warren allegedly told the teens not to tell authorities about the alcohol.

This isn’t Warren’s first rodeo with the law. Warren was adjudicated guilty of driving under the influence in 2009 after she took a plea deal.

Warren is also charged with battery in another criminal case stemming from a June 2014 incident involving a 14-year-old female. Court documents state the “defendant struck [the] child on the arm due to the fact the child wasn’t listening.” Warren pleaded not guilty.

After this month’s incident, Warren is charged with four counts of contributing to the delinquency of minors and felony tampering with evidence.

The identity and condition of the injured rider are not available.

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