Flood of Crundwell's Quarter Horses to Hit Market by September 30

Flood of Crundwell’s Quarter Horses to Hit Market by September 30

The sales market will be saturated by more than 400 of Rita Crundwell’s quarter horses in the next two months according to federal prosecutors. Crundwell is the disgraced City of Dixon comptroller accused of stealing more than $53 million dollars to fund her lifestyle and horse showing on the AQHA circuit.

Crundwell’s court appointed defense team asked the court for more time to go through the 18,000 pages of discovery in the civil case during Monday’s status hearing. The judge approved the sale of the horses in mid-June, including any new-born foals, in addition to 21 embryos, and semen from eight stallions. Six horses have died since early May.

The judge also recently approved the sale of Crundwell’s luxury motor home, which hit the sales block with a minimum bid of $1 million today.

Strathman Veterinary Services, Crundwell’s veterinarian, has filed a petition to intervene stating he is owed more than $52,000 for vet care provided to Crundwell’s horses during April 2012. Assistant U.S. Attorney Scott Paccagnini objected to the motion saying there are no liens, and the services were provided before Crundwell’s arrest in mid-April. More information has been requested by the judge and a hearing on the petition to intervene is scheduled for next month.

Strathman Veterinary Service continues to care for Crundwell’s horses and is paid by the U.S. Marshals.

Other business associates, including Percott Company, LLC, have also filed motions to intervene, which have been granted by the judge.

Crundwell has pleaded not guilty to one count of wire fraud. She will be back in court on August 29.