FL Horse Rescue Operator Charged with Animal Cruelty One of the six emaciated horses rescued by authorities in Clay County.

FL Horse Rescue Operator Charged with Animal Cruelty

A one-time Florida rescue operator was arrested Friday after authorities seized six horses from the property. Deanna Biscardi is charged with eight felony counts of cruelty to animals.
Clay County deputies report there was little to no food for the malnourished animals. There were eight horses on the property until a previous owner picked up two horses and contacted authorities.
Biscardi is also known by the name Deanna Biscardi-Haviland. She was the operator of Second Chance Horse Ranch, which she advertised as a horse rescue in Wimauma. Posts on Facebook show someone with the same name discussing euthanasia.
 “We run a rescue here in Florida and we accept all horses no matter their condition,” it says. “Every horse deserves to have a safe haven. We have had “owners” relinquish their horse to us and we have given that horse a loving safe forever home.… The other option is if you can’t afford a horse, then don’t get one.”
In October 2013, Biscardi allegedly abandoned six horses at the rescue’s leased property. Kit Kelly from RVR Horse Rescue says her organization rescued the horses. Biscardi signed over ownership to the Riverview horse rescue.
Despite immediate veterinarian intervention, Kelly says, “within 24-hours, three of the horses were dead they were so emaciated.” The triage area was like a battle zone, she says. The soldiers laid to rest, not allowed to suffer any longer, after their valiant battle.
Three weeks after the other horses’ deaths a fourth horse also died.
Hillsborough authorities investigated Biscardi, according to Kelly. To date, no charges have been filed.
“She is a scary person. She seems so sweet, but she can look you in the eye and lies are just pouring out of her mouth,” says Kelly.
The two horses that survived the ordeal after being rescued by RVR Rescue have recovered. Solo is being adopted. Shasta is healthy and ready for a forever home.
Biscardi bonded out of jail. She is scheduled to be back in court on April 23.