FEI Vet Sued for Allegedly Withholding Horses’ Records Dr. Greg Staller

FEI Vet Sued for Allegedly Withholding Horses’ Records

A Georgia couple has filed suit against Dr. Greg Staller alleging the New Jersey veterinarian failed to provide them with their horses’ vet records for more than six months.

The lawsuit filed in Hunterdon County Superior Court states the plaintiffs, Dr. Jackson and Carolyne Morgan, learned that Staller treated their horses, Ecu 8 and Florence 115, while under the care of dressage trainer Cesar Parra. Despite providing proof of ownership, and multiple requests over several months, Dr. Staller has failed to turn over the horses’ records, according to court documents.
The suit alleges the FEI veterinarian, who owns Running ‘S’ Equine, is in violation of state veterinary board rule N.J.A.C. 13:44-4.9(f). It mandates “that copies of a licensee’s record or a summary report of such record and copies of all pertinent objective data and papers pertaining to a given patient… shall be furnished to the patient’s owed, a designated representative or a designated veterinarian within 10 business days of a written request by the owner or duly authorized representative.”
The plaintiffs are asking the court for injunctive relief to force Dr. Staller to hand over the horses’ vet records and to prevent the documents from being destroyed or altered.

The horses are the subject of on-going litigation in which the plaintiffs allege Parra of Piaffe Performance committed fraud.

The soundness of the gelding Ecu 8, at the time of the horse’s sale in 2009 to a German citizen, is currently being disputed across the pond. A trial began today in Germany. The woman purchased the gelding for upper level dressage from Arnold Winter’s Pferdesport Wintermuhle GmbH, who was reportedly acting as the agent for Parra. She paid $85,000€ for the gelding, which she claims has been lame since the purchase. The soundness problem is attributed to an “arthritic condition in its fetlock, apparently already present at the time of handover,” according to court records.

Back in the United States, the Morgan’s lawsuit against Parra states he represented that Ecu 8 was traded for $400,000€ as part of the sale price for the dressage mare, Florence 115. They later discovered that Winter brokered the deal in which Ecu 8 actually sold for 85,000€ to the German woman.

Parra is appealing the court’s earlier decision, which allows the plaintiffs to proceed to trial. The case is scheduled to go before the Appellate Division in late March, according to the court docket.

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