FEI Reinstates UAE after Horse Abuse Probe The UAE agrees to make the horse a priority in the sport of endurance racing.

FEI Reinstates UAE after Horse Abuse Probe

The United Arab Emirates has been reinstated by the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) after agreeing to make horse welfare a priority at Endurance events.
A three-year legal agreement signed by its UAE member federation and the country’s Olympic body, includes monthly monitoring reports during the next endurance season.

The UAE risks suspension and being stripped of hosting the World Endurance Championships in 2016 if the agreement is broken, according to the FEI.

The governing body suspended the federation in March after an investigation into horse deaths and doping in the long-distance desert races. One of those horses died in January after breaking both front legs on course.
Now, the EEF has been tapped to support a research project to evaluate the causes of injuries linked to the design of desert endurance courses. Endurance trainers are obligated to cooperate with the project.
The group’s tribunal will also study reportedly faked races and duplicated results for endurance events in the UAE. Any FEI officials found to be involved will face sanctions, according to the international equestrian governing body.