FBI Raids Horse Rescue FBI raids purported horse rescue Another Chance 4 Horses in PA.

FBI Raids Horse Rescue Another Chance 4 Horses

Allegations of crimes including wire fraud

Federal investigators raided the Pennsylvania horse rescue Another Chance 4 Horses Tuesday morning.

Agents were seen removing computers and boxes, according to WFMZ-TV. Federal investigators were reportedly looking for evidence of multiple crimes, including conspiracy and wire fraud. No arrests were made.

The Berks County rescue and its operators have been highly scrutinized by some for their fundraising and adoption methods.

Christy and Rick Sheidy, two of the organization’s four Officers, claim they, “assist horses through surrenders/neglect cases, local auctions outbidding kill-buyers, buying sick or injured and purchasing directly out of the kill pens sometimes literally moments before they are shipped to slaughter.” They state the animals are rehabilitated and rehomed.

In 2010, the non-profit’s expenses were more than $865,000, according to the rescue’s last IRS filing. Those expenses were paid with fundraising dollars from the public. Grants added up to almost $15,000 for the year.

While the documents state none of the Officers received any payment for their work, there is an expense of almost $45,000 for occupancy. The office expenses were almost $10,000 plus the fees spent on advertising, travel, and meetings. The charity claimed $775,000 went to the horses’ expenses.

We contacted the Sheidys by email but did not receive a response prior to publishing.

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