Planning Begins to Help Horse Owners in Flood Ravaged Colorado All of the animals seen in the video were saved.

Planning Begins to Help Horse Owners in Flood Ravaged Colorado

Plans for upcoming mobilization efforts are beginning within the horse community as rain and massive flooding continue to devastate Colorado’s Front Range. The destruction has left at least four people dead, thousands evacuated, and many missing, according to deputies.

Scenes of horses tied in rushing flood waters caused concern, but the Weld County Sheriff’s Department states that some animals were tied to posts so they don’t float down the river. “As long as they are able to remain upright they will likely stay above flood waters and be able to survive for up to a few days.”

It is unknown how many horses could perish, but barns are underwater, and hay supplies have been destroyed. It is likely some Colorado horse owners may need long term support. Experienced horse handlers may be needed once the flood waters subside, but no volunteers are advised to enter the deluged areas at this time. Forecasters say more rain is expected on Sunday.

Officials are urging people to stay off the roads so emergency personnel can do their jobs.

After natural disasters, there are hundreds of displaced animals and horses. The majority of these animals do not have any type of identification which makes finding their owners difficult. If you have lost or found a horse, call your local Humane Society and Stolen Horse International aka In natural disasters, waives its listing fee.

If you have lost a pet in the floods, go to Colorado Disaster page on Facebook. Animals including dogs are already being listed. If you find an animal, you can post it on this dedicated page. It is not recommended that you post on Craigslist, where fraudsters often lurk to get free pets.