Evan Coluccio Suspension USEF Horse Green Status The horse Epic Life became Knight Life with Evan Coluccio in the irons.

Evan Coluccio Gets USEF Suspension for Changing Horse’s Identity

Epic Life

Virginia hunter/jumper professional Evan Coluccio must bid the rated horse show life adieu for six months. The U.S. Equestrian Federation states it suspended the EMC International Stables owner for the misrepresentation of a horse’s identity and green status.

The Hearing Committee reports that it unanimously found Coluccio “knowingly changed the identity of the horse Epic Life.”

Coluccio changed the horse’s registered name from Epic Life (5290954) to Knight Life. It reportedly happened at the Upperville Colt & Horse Show held June 6 to 12, 2016, in Upperville, VA.



The Committee states he did so in order to compete at the pre-green level, which led to the horse’s sale as a pre-green prospect in 2017. Despite Coluccio’s alleged deceit, the horse was not pre-green eligible.

The horse’s new owner showed him in the green hunters although the gelding was ineligible. The 2008 Mecklenburg has since been renamed to Castlegrace (5405364).

Coluccio failed to appear for his hearing or challenge the allegations brought against him.

The suspension of all horses connected to Collucio and EMC International begins January 1, 2019. He must also pay a $6,000 fine.


Criminal Cases

A Virginia court scheduled Coluccio’s preliminary hearing for November in Loudoun District Court. He’s facing felony charges which include eluding police.

Coluccio allegedly attempted to evade police in late July. Deputies report Coluccio caused an accident when he hit an occupied vehicle before he fled the scene on foot which led to his arrest.

Stay with us as we continue to follow this criminal case and another in Florida for retail theft.