Humble's Devon Horse Show Death The action comes after the recent death of Mandarino's pony, Humble, at the Devon Horse Show.

Elizabeth Mandarino Suspended by USEF

Humble’s Death

Horse trainer Elizabeth Mandarino has been temporarily suspended by the United States Equestrian Federation. The action comes after the recent death of Mandarino’s pony, Humble, at the Devon Horse Show.

United States Equestrian Federation rule GR 609 allows the CEO to temporarily suspend an individual upon finding an issue which falls under the authority of the USEF Hearing Committee, and involves the safety and welfare of Federation members and their horses.

Chief Executive Officer John Long says, “I have decided to invoke this rule pending the Hearing Committee’s findings regarding the circumstances surrounding the death of a pony during the recent Devon Horse Show.”

Mandarino admitted to police that she injected the pony incorrectly prior to the gelding’s death. Sources say he was being tacked up when he dropped to the ground and went into convulsions.

An accident report was filed regarding the pony’s death. USEF says the report stated, “the pony was found dead.” When we contacted the steward who took the report, he became infuriated and said his report should have remained confidential.

Rate My Horse PRO Media Relations Director Debbie Hanson says, “This latest action from the USEF sends a strong message to our horse community, which we fully support. The safety of our riders and horses should not be allowed to be compromised in the name of sport.”

A USEF Member and eyewitness to Humble’s death filed a protest two days ago.


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