EHV-1: Cleaning the Horse Stable on Contact Horse owners have discovered a better way to clean areas prone to pathogens that is safe to be applied to and around horses.

EHV-1: How to Clean the Horse Stable

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Biosecurity Measures: EHV-1

Concerns over the equine herpesvirus (EHV-1) continue as cases emerge across the United States. Veterinarians recommend horse owners practice strict biosecurity measures since EHV-1 is easily spread.

Direct horse-to-horse contact is a common means of transmission, but the indirect transmission is also possible. It occurs when infectious materials are carried between infected and non-infected horses by people or items such as buckets, brushes, tack, or horse trailers.

Aerosol transmission can also occur when infectious droplets are inhaled. The source of infectious droplets is most often respiratory secretions.

Traditionally, disinfecting surfaces meant using toxic, smelly bleach or similar irritating solutions. Research shows chlorine, the active ingredient in bleach, doesn’t work as well if the dirt and manure aren’t removed from the surface being disinfected prior.

Synbiont Ag Wash

Many horse owners have discovered a preferred alternative to harmful chemical disinfectants – Synbiont Agricultural Wash.

preferred alternative to harmful chemical disinfectants when biosecurity measures needed

Synbiont Agriculture Wash is the safe solution to include in any stable or horse show facility’s basic biosecurity plan. The wash allows any horse facility to take a proactive approach to avoid disease outbreaks while erasing diseases potentially left behind by previous equine occupants.

Synbiont Agriculture Wash cleans areas prone to host pathogens, viruses, bacteria, and fungi including EHV-1, E. coli, Salmonella, Staphylococcus, Listeria, and Canine parvovirus.

Unlike a disinfectant, Synbiont Agriculture Wash sanitizes in two ways. First, it cleans the host area, where pathogens grow, by emulsifying the dirt and soil. Secondly, it compromises the pathogen’s cell walls.

The residual effectiveness lasts from seven to 21 days, according to third-party test results.

Synbiont Ag Wash is created from a blend of anionic surfactants that demonstrate a unique penetrating and cleaning ability. The product is food-grade safe, and biodegradable making it environmentally friendly.

Synbiont Ag Wash can be applied directly to or around horses making the product’s uses limitless.

Before you travel to your next horse show, make sure the facility utilizes Synbiont Ag Wash as a basic biosecurity measure to help ensure your horse is protected from whatever may be lurking.



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