EHV-1 Confirmed in Broward County, Florida Horse

Gulfstream Park Quarantined

Florida officials report a horse at Gulfstream Park in Broward County tested positive for the equine herpes virus (EHV-1).

A private track veterinarian reported November 8 that a horse showing neurological signs tested positive for the infection’s wild strain. The horse became neurologic two days prior. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services states the horse died on November 6 of “natural causes”.

The state placed Gulfstream Park under quarantine and is continuing its disease investigation. Enhanced biosecurity measures are in place at the track.

Owners are monitoring their horses for neurologic signs. Horses with a temperature over 101.5 must be tested for EHV-1. No horses are currently showing clinical signs consistent with the virus.

The state recommends strict biosecurity measures for at least 21 days for any horses that trained at Gulfstream Park since November 3rd.

Veterinarians recommend vaccinating against EHV-1 as a part of a preventative, herd-healthy program. No current vaccine protects against the neurological manifestation of the EHV-1 infection.

Florida has not imposed any movement restrictions due to this case of EHV-1.