Economic Impact of Horses on Horse Industry

Economic Impact Study Planned to Assess U.S. Horse Industry

2017 Horse Economic Impact Study

A 2005 national study found the horse industry has a $102 billion impact on the United States economy.

The American Horse Council (AHC) is updating its figures from 2005 and 1996 in the 2017 Economic Impact Study. The Innovation Group will collect the necessary data beginning in March.

The study highlights the economic and social benefits of the horse industry. The last survey found 9.2 million horses contribute 1.4 million horse jobs across the country in showing, racing, and other horse sports.

Demographic data will now include those under 18-years-old. For the first time researchers are expanding the study to include equine welfare and therapeutic organizations.

The research costs $500,000 and each state’s break-out is another $20,000. The AHC says it is applying for grants to help fund the cost.  The group is also seeking pledges from other horse organizations.

The study’s completion date is October 2017.