Former Champion Cutting Horse Saved from Animal Abuse Dual Peppy

Dual Peppy: Happy Ending after Horse Abuse – Or Is It?

update December 2016


Where is Dual Peppy now?

In an unforeseen turn of events, the woman selected by Colorado horse rescue Blue Rose Ranch rehomed Dual Peppy.

His new owner is Jim Babcock.

Blue Rose Ranch’s Executive Directors John and Cheryl Webb selected Hudson resident Christi Fontaine to “adopt” Dual Peppy in September 2015. A year later, Fontaine still owed money to the Webb’s “rescue” for Dual Peppy’s “adoption” fee. In fact, she reportedly still owed $1450.

Dual Peppy Cutting Champion to Abused Horse Rises Again
Dual Peppy 2016

Fontaine claims she did not sell Dual Peppy, but that Babcock took over the final payment and she gave him the aged stallion. Babcock of Babcock Ranch in Sanger, TX, has a history with the stallion. Babcock claims he wants to let him be a horse despite rumors that he wants to collect his semen.

Blue Rose Ranch

We contacted Cheryl Webb of Blue Rose Ranch, but she hung up when she was asked, “what good is a contract if you aren’t going to enforce it?”

Just prior, Webb said the rescue would not pursue legal action against Fontaine for breaking the written horse adoption contract. So, why have a horse adoption contract?

Webb refused to share the adoption contract with us.

As a result of Cheryl Webb hanging up during our conversation, it is unclear what, if any, due diligence the Springfield “horse rescue” does prior adopting or selling a rescue horse on “payments”?

That’s right, Webb’s Blue Rose Ranch Horse Rescue & Adoption allowed Fontaine to make payments for Dual Peppy. Why is anyone allowed to “finance” or pay an “adoption fee” over time?

And at what point does an adoption fee become large enough that it is a sales price?

Accordingly, why was Dual Peppy’s fee so high? He was already rehabbed by the Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center before his September 2015 release to Blue Rose Ranch.

Blue Rose Ranch posted the below statement on Facebook, which remains online. Non-profit horse rescues have an obligation to be transparent and accountable regarding their actions.

One person says she contacted Blue Rose Ranch about horse adoption and the fee was $10K.
Update – At some point, all comments under this thread regarding Dual Peppy were removed or are blocked on Blue Rose Ranch Horse Rescue & Adoption’s page.






original article published July 22, 2016

Ending the abuse

A former cutting horse champion is living the life of a legend after almost being starved to death by his former owner.

Dual Peppy was one of ten horses and four llamas discovered neglected in Colorado. The animals were living in a Dual Peppy when he was found starving makeshift tomb containing the decomposing remains of 14 former stablemates.

Dual Peppy was emaciated and almost unrecognizable except for the brand on his left hip.

Getting the horses out of their torture chamber wasn’t easy, but Diana Rizer and others dedicated to the horses never gave up. They fought for the horses until the authorities listened.

Justice for Dual Peppy?

In May 2015, the stallion’s former owner, Sherri Brunzell was found guilty of animal cruelty. The former American Quarter Horse breeder was sentenced to 60-days jail, 5-years probation, and is banned from owning horses or llamas. She appealed the judge’s sentence in November.

The judge ordered that the animals were re-homed by adoption or sale, depending on the individual.

Dual Peppy’s mahogany coat reflects the sun. His muscles ripple showing no outward sign of the torture he endured. The stallion is doing great, according to his new owners.

As a part of Dual Peppy’s adoption agreement, his new owner’s identity and location remain a secret after the case’s publicity. They say in a statement that he is enjoying being a horse. Dual Peppy’s days consist of horse friends, lush green pastures to graze, and lots of attention.