Brunzell Jail Ends Dual Peppy Neglect Saga Dual Peppy

Dual Peppy Animal Cruelty Case Ends: Brunzell Gets Jail

Banned from owning horses

A Colorado judge ordered a former American Quarter Horse breeder guilty of animal abuse to begin serving her jail sentence Thursday night.

It comes after Sherri Brunzell exhausted her appeals in the case.

Sherri Brunzell mugshot 2017
Sherri Brunzell convicted of animal cruelty in Colorado.

Brunzell’s ten horses, including an emaciated Dual Peppy, along with llamas, were found living in a crypt-like Black Forest barn in late 2014. It contained the decomposing remains of the horses’ 14 former stablemates.

An El Paso jury convicted Brunzell of 8 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty almost two years ago.

Judge Stephen Sletta upheld his original sentence despite the defense’s request for work release for his client. He ordered Brunzell to report to the county jail by 7 p.m. to begin serving her 60-day jail term.

Once released, Brunzell begins a 5-year probation term.

The judge banned her from owning or possessing livestock, including horses and llamas.


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