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Dems Snub Lindemann Jr. Due to Horse Killings, Insurance Fraud: WikiLeaks


The internet is buzzing after almost 20,000 emails were leaked Friday by WikiLeaks from Democratic National Committee officials.

Former Olympic hopeful turned convicted criminal, George Lindemann, Jr., makes an appearance in the pages. The DNC received a request in May 2016 from a regional Democratic National Committee Director to vet Lindemann, Jr. “to give to the DNC and attend a POTUS event.”

Lindemann, Jr. was involved in the biggest scandal in the history of the equestrian sport – the insurance horse killings. More than 20 equestrian insiders went down when owners and riders alike were taking ill-gotten insurance-gains after horses were brutally killed by horse hit men.

Senior Research Supervisor with the Democratic National Committee Chad Rivard adds the following biography for Lindemann, Jr., “convicted of three counts of wire fraud in 1995 and received a 33-month term in federal prison; Investigation stemmed from a federal investigation where over 50 horses were killed in a 20 year period in acts of insurance fraud [sic].”

Lindemann, Jr. spent just under two years in prison.

The party decided it didn’t want to get in bed with Lindemann, Jr. or his money.

“Sorry man. He fails for everything,” White House aide Bobby Schmuck said.

Read the full emails at WikiLeaks or do your own search.


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(page 2 lists those that still walk among us and the horses, although they were involved in the horse killing scandal)