Dayle Kountz Stallion Left to Suffer with Bloody Stump Young Doc Bar was discovered at Kountz Arena in March 2015 without part of his leg. 

Dayle Kountz Felony Animal Abuse Trial Scheduled

The owner of a Montana horse arena is scheduled to go to trial in April after being charged with felony animal abuse for allegedly allowing his horse and a calf to suffer needlessly.
Dayle Kountz was charged with aggravated animal cruelty and felony animal cruelty in May after he allegedly kept his stallion alive without veterinary care, although the horse was missing part of its leg. He is also accused of allowing a comatose calf to suffer. Kountz is charged with a third count of felony cruelty to animals, second or subsequent offense. He can only be convicted of two charges.
The trial is slated to begin on April 18th. A week’s time has been allotted for both sides to present their cases. Before the trial gets to court, the defense is expected to file a bevy of motions.
The Gallatin County Attorney’s office filed charges against Kountz after authorities began investigating in late March. An APHA stallion with a bloody stump was discovered by a competitor. The horse was lying in his own filth during the horse show at Kountz Arena, in Bozeman, when Sammy Jo and others called authorities, which led to the investigation.
The horse named Young Doc Bar was injured in December, and according to court records, the stallion’s foot fell off at a later date. Kountz allegedly kept the horse alive for semen collection.
Both animals were put down, but not by the veterinarian available on the scene with authorities. Court documents state Kountz insisted he would do it, by shooting them both in the head, when he returned to town. Days later authorities confirmed both animals were dead.
Kountz, a convicted animal abuser, has pleaded not guilty. He faces a maximum of four years in prison and a $5,000 fine if he is found guilty.