Criminal Charges Filed Against Monica Thors for Horse Cruelty Seven horses were seized from Monica Thors on Tuesday.  

Criminal Charges Filed Against Monica Thors for Horse Cruelty

A New Jersey rescue operator is facing two criminal charges after being accused of abusing her horses. Monica Thors is charged with inflicting unnecessary cruelty upon a living creature and one count of failure to provide necessary care, according to authorities.

Seven horses were seized as evidence on Tuesday from Thors along with a goat. When asked about the cats allegedly being abused, Matt Stanton, NJ SPCA Spokesman said he was not aware of any cats on the property. “Our subpoena did not have cats on it.”
Thors runs the 501(c)(3) organization, Monica Thors Animal Rescue Inc, and is a former harness racing trainer.
Thors is accused of trimming and drilling away at her horses’ feet. One horse is seen in photos being held up by a sling. Three horses have reportedly died since the NJ SPCA began investigating in August of 2013. Prior to that agency’s investigation, the NJ Department of Agriculture was involved, but turned it over to the SPCA, because the NJDA doesn’t have the ability to file charges.
Stanton says the seized horses are overweight and most are lame, but all are currently still alive. They are under veterinary care at an undisclosed location. “That is all I am going to say at this time.”
Stanton says there was no drama from Thors when her horses were removed. “She knew it was coming.” Thors was also served with the criminal summons for the disorderly persons offenses that were filed Tuesday in Harrison Township. A date for her first appearance is not known.
Thors is the only individual facing charges, according to Stanton.
If Thors is found guilty, she faces a maximum of a $2000 fine and up to 12 months in jail. She could also be ordered to do community service.
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