A cowgirl bodly saves a horse running down Texas highway - all caught on video. screen capture from girl saves horse video

Cowgirl Boldly Saves Horse on TX Highway [VIDEO]

Horse Runaway via Highway

Ever feel like you just need to run away? Just escape from life?

Maybe things got too overwhelming for this Quarter Horse at his Texas stable so he left it all behind. Who doesn’t know that horses aren’t the most rational thinkers? In the game of life, they are all flight.

A video shows the loose horse saddled and fleeing down U.S. Route 59 in Houston. Of course, he may have been running away because of the purple nylon bridle his owner purchased. Maybe the gelding was hoping for something more flashy to help his eyes pop — say in teal?

And where is the person previously sitting in that saddle? One wrong bridle choice – poof, your backside is in the dirt and your horse goes rogue before hitting the highway.

Seriously, hopefully, the rider is unharmed both physically and mentally after this event.

This highway horse is lucky to be alive thanks to some amazing horse people in two vehicles. Not only did they get him to slow, while keeping him straight, but one amazingly chill cowgirl managed to catch him while he continued running. She looks like she saves highway horses daily.

Enjoy this epic horse rescue thanks to those who participated and witnessed it.

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