Court Prevents Re-victimization of Miranda William PFF sustained a career ending neurological injury during a training evaluation with Cesar Parra, according to court documents.

Court Won’t Hear Cesar Parra’s Appeal in Injured Horse Case


A suit brought against dressage’s Cesar Parra will continue to trial after his appeal was denied. Parra is being sued for allegedly leaving a young stallion permanently injured.

The case filed in 2011 initially stuttered through civil proceedings, but remains on target for trial after The Superior Court of New Jersey Appellate Division denied hearing Parra’s case. The court failed to offer a reason in its February 28 ruling just released. Left in place is the lower court’s ruling from October 2013 reinstating the suit brought by Trudy Miranda.
Miranda, also a horse trainer, filed suit after a 2009 training evaluation at Parra’s New Jersey facility left her Hanoverian, William PFF, severely injured. Video shows the horse moments after the initial incident occurred.
                                             Cesar Parra lunging William PFF.              Cesar Parra hosing blood off wall.

The original complaint alleges the horse’s injuries were a result of Parra’s negligence and his attempt to lunge the horse a second time after the initial incident, which was “in direct contravention of instructions from the treating veterinarian.”

The parties are currently involved in pre-trial discovery in preparation for a jury trial. A trial date has not been scheduled.