Lucy had been with our program for about a year. And it's hard anytime we lose one, Edye Godden said as she held back tears. Lab results confirm six horses have the corona virus in Nebraska.

Corona Virus Infects Horses at Nebraska Therapeutic Center

Spread via fecal contamination

University of California, Davis lab results confirm six horses at a Nebraska therapeutic riding center are infected with the corona virus (ECoV). One horse has died.

The surviving horses reside at Heartland Equine Therapeutic Riding Academy near Gretna. The farm has enacted its bio-security plan. Twenty horses had negative lab results.

While the virus, sometimes seen as coronavirus, is uncommon to Nebraska, horse owners should look for symptoms that include lethargy, decreased appetite, and a fever of 101 to 106 degrees. Other signs may include colic, but some horses don’t show any symptoms.

The center serves around 130 children and adults with disabilities. It temporarily suspended its programs but plans to reopen around July 10.  Local news report