A convicted animal abuser in Virginia is guilty of 26 counts of animal cruelty after a three-day trial.

Convicted Animal Abusers Face 132 Counts Animal Cruelty in VA

Horse abuse case

A Nottoway Grand Jury handed down a 132 count indictment this week against convicted animal abusers in Virginia. The charges stem from the death of four horses at Robin Vince’s horse farm and the seizure of another 40 horses due to their alleged maltreatment.

Vince and her daughter, Rhiannan Vitiello, were indicted on four counts of felony animal cruelty for the dead horses found in February. The charges against Vince and Vitiello for the dead horses are felonies since both have been convicted within the past five years of animal cruelty, the indictment states.

Both women also face 40 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Vince’s son, Edward Peterson Jr., is facing 44 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

The seized horses are recovering at Virginia rescue organizations.

Vitiello and her sister, Allura Peterson, as well as her father, Edward Peterson Sr., are facing animal cruelty charges in Charles City County. Another 20 horses were seized prior to the Nottoway farm seizure.