Convicted Animal Abuser Arrested for Having Horses

Former Nebraska horse sanctuary owner Jason Meduna was convicted of 145 counts of animal cruelty and he is in trouble with the law again.

He was arrested in Wyoming last week after he was caught with horses in his possession – a violation of the terms of his probation. He was living under the alias Jesse Raiter.

A judge ordered him not to own or possess any animal for 30 years as part of his sentence for letting his animals starve. In 2009, authorities found more than 70 mustangs and burros dead and another 114 emaciated (pictured) on his 3-Strikes Ranch.

Meduna took in mustangs and burros from the Bureau of Land Management and from private individuals promising them refuge. According to court documents, his sanctuary was a fraud.

Meduna was released from prison in December 2011 after serving about 19 months behind bars.

Muduna remains locked up in the Goshen County jail. He is being held for Nebraska officials according to the jail’s website.