Texas Judge Awards Houston SPCA 200+ Seized Horses One of the horses seized from the Hoffmans' Calico Dairy farm in Conroe. 

Conroe Horses to Remain with Houston SPCA after Hoffmans’ Appeal

A second judge affirmed an earlier ruling that more than 200 neglected horses will remain with the Houston SPCA after being seized. The horses’ former owners Herman and Kathleen Hoffman were ordered by the court to pay $485,000 for their care.
A total of 207 horses were seized from the Calico Dairy owners on June 24th. Four have been euthanized.
Judge Michael Seiler awarded permanent custody of the remaining 203 horses to the HSPCA on Thursday. Experts say the majority of the horses were emaciated and had extensive hoof problems.
“We are thrilled to be able to continue our tireless rehabilitation efforts and look forward to helping these horses have the lives and homes they deserve,” said Houston SPCA President Patricia Mercer.
The Hoffmans each face 20 counts of animal cruelty charges. Herman Hoffman has also been indicted on a felony tampering charge.
The investigation is ongoing, according to Assistant District Attorney Mike Holley, so additional charges could be filed.