Kelly's Ford Equestrian Center Hires Bryan Washington Bryan Washington must register as a Virginia Sex Offender. The victim boarded her horse at a Remington equestrian facility that employed stable worker and convicted criminal Bryan Washington.


Culpeper County

No. CR 18-000-294

Bryan Washington guilty rape in first sex abuse case.
Bryan Washington


August 20, 2018

Grand Jury Indictment

2 counts Rape by force or threat


August 22, 2018


Pleaded not guilty at arraignment


Jury trial scheduled for April 3, 2019

Pleaded guilty to one count of rape

See sentencing below


Culpeper County

No. CR 18-000-222


June 18, 2018

Grand Jury Indictment for Sex Abuse

The Grand Jurors of the Commonwealth of Virginia, in and for the body of the County of Culpeper, and now attending the said Court at its June 2018 Term, charge that Bryan Washington, on or about the 12th day of November 2017, in the County of Culpeper, did unlawfully and feloniously, have sexual intercourse with C. M. and said act was accomplished against the will of the complaining witness through the use of force, threat or intimidation, or through the use of the complaining witness’s mental incapacity or physical helplessness in violation of Section 18.2-61 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended;

VCC: RAP-1128-F9

A True Bill: Foreperson



June 20, 2018

1 count Rape of victim helpless

1 count Forcible sodomy


Pleaded not guilty at arraignment

Bond denied


March 2019

The jury finds Bryan Washington guilty of rape and not guilty of sodomy before recommending a sentence of 23-years in prison.

The state will add the former stable employee to the Virginia Sex Offender Registry. 


Sentencing on August 26, 2019

Sentenced to serve 23 years in prison

(sentence runs concurrently with another)


According to court documents obtained by Horse Authority, Bryan Washington had at least 52 convictions prior to his employment at Kelly’s Ford Equestrian Center.

The offenses included robbery, attempted robbery, use of a firearm in an attempted robbery, rape reduced to fornication, breaking and entering, receiving stolen property, grand larceny, destruction of property, uttering, and forgery.