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Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Sarah Susannah Barnshaw

No. 15-CR-0000795-2014

Chester County


Barnshaw, Sara
Barnshaw, Sarah
Barnshaw, Sarah Susannah
Barnshaw, Sarah Suzannah


February 22, 2014


1 count Deal in pro unlawful act/intent to promote

1 count Theft by unlawful taking

1 count Receiving stolen property

1 count Access device issued to another who did not authorize the use

1 count Pub, Make, See, Etc Access Device, Altered, Etc



June 22, 2015

Did not appear for trial – bail forfeiture. 

A warrant has been issued for her arrest. 


November 2015

Sarah Barnshaw Arrested

$50,000 bail posted


May 2016

Order granting a motion to continue the trial


July 2017

Sarah Barnshaw enters a guilty plea

Theft by Unlawful taking-moving property – F3



Jail – 11 months to 23 months

She receives credit for time served 2/22/2014 thru 3/14/2014; 11/20/2015; 5/10/2015 thru 7/5/2017

No work release, not eligible for any good-time credit.

Restitution of $32,000 to Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines

Costs, fines, and restitution paid in monthly installments.

2 years Probation

An 8-week Stable Pathways equine-assisted therapy program at Thorncroft Equestrian Center prior to her release – Probation Officer present during her entire sessions.



No. 46-CR-0005658-2012

remaining cases in Montgomery County

Arrest June 2012


6 counts Identity theft

3 counts Forgery – alter writing

6 counts Access device used to obtain or attempt to obtain property/service

8 counts Theft by unlawful taking


March 2014

Guilty Plea

1 count Access device used to obtain or attempt to obtain property/service

November 2015


5 years probation

(runs concurrently with No. 46-CR-0009212-2012)

No. 46-CR-0009212-2012


1 count Theft Of Leased Property

1 count Theft Deception-False Impression

1 count Theft by Unlawful Taking

1 count Unauthorized Use Motor/Other Vehicles


March 2014

Guilty plea

Theft of leased property 


November 2015


4 years probation

Participate in a public or non-profit community service program for 50 hours.
Addict supervision, treatment



August 2007



1 count Marijuana-Small Amt Personal Use
1 count Int Poss Contr Subst Per Not Reg
1 count Use/Poss Of Drug Paraph
2 counts Criminal Conspiracy Engaging – Marijuana-Small Amt Personal Use


March 2008

Guilty Plea 

1 count Int Poss Contr Subst Per Not Reg


6 months probation

No. 46-CR-0009090-2004
September 2004


1 count Int Poss Contr Subst Per Not Reg
1 count Poss Of Marijuana
1 count Use/Poss Of Drug Paraph


May 2005 

Guilty Plea

1 count Use/Poss Of Drug Paraph



1-year probation