Charged with Animal Cruelty Virginia Horse Rescuer Released on $75K Bond The Peaceable Farm horses are recovering at local rescues.

Charged with Animal Cruelty Virginia Horse Rescuer Released on $75K Bond

A Virginia horse rescue operator charged with 27 counts of animal cruelty is out of jail. Anne Goland, of Somerset, was released Friday on $75,000 bond.
Goland must follow several conditions to remain out on bond. She is not allowed to own any animals and can not go to her property without the supervision of sheriff deputies. Her horses are in her sister’s care. A $100 cap was also put on Goland’s online spending.
Goland, who goes by multiple names including Anne Shumate Williams, operated Peaceable Farm a $1 million a year non-profit, with a mission of saving horses from slaughter. She also bred warmbloods.
Authorities raided the property last month and found dozens of dead animals, including horses. Goland surrendered more than 70 emaciated horses that needed immediate attention. Another 10 horses were seized from Goland’s property.
The surviving horses are being cared for by local rescues and their health is improving.
The Orange County Sheriff called it “one of the most horrendous sights” during his time in law enforcement. The house was inhabitable due to feces and dead animals contaminating the space. Goland was living in her vehicle, her attorney confirms.
She is reportedly staying with a family member.
Goland is scheduled to be back in court on November 18 for a criminal hearing and a civil seizure hearing.
The Commonwealth Attorney says additional charges are possible.