Court Prevents Re-victimization of Miranda William PFF after the 2009 incident.

Cesar Parra Trial Looms in Injured Horse Case

Piaffe Performance dressage trainer Cesar Parra is scheduled to ride into court for trial Monday. Parra allegedly left a young stallion catastrophically injured during a training evaluation on the lunge line at his New Jersey farm.
The horse’s owner, Trudy Miranda, has been seeking to recover her losses since the 2009 incident. Also a horse professional, Miranda sued Parra in 2011. The complaint states Miranda’s then 4-year-old Hanoverian stallion, William PFF, was permanently damaged as a result of Parra’s negligence. William PFF is unable to be ridden or used as a stallion due to the severe neurological injuries he sustained.
In 2012, Parra took aim at Miranda’s suit with a countersuit alleging “mental anguish” and that his professional reputation was harmed by Miranda’s suit. A jury will ultimately have the final say in court.
Jury selection is slated to begin on April 20th.