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The AQHA Executive Committee approved several recommendations submitted by the AQHA Animal Welfare Commission.

AQHA Executive Committee Approves Animal Welfare Recommendations

The American Quarter Horse Association's Executive Committee approved recommendations aimed at supporting animal welfare....
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The FEI suspended Olympic dressage rider Adrienne Lyle and Horizon last month along with Kaitlin Blythe and Don Principe. The horses tested positive for ractopamine, a beta-agonist shown to improve growth performance in pigs.

CAS Lifts Suspensions on Dressage's Horizon, Don Principe

Final decision at later date The Court of Arbitration for Sport issued a stay Monday of the Fédération Equestre Internationale’s (FEI) two-month suspension of two dressage horses recently involved in a contaminat...
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Elisa Wallace and Simply Priceless Yellow Card for Abuse of the Horse

Elisa Wallace Yellow Carded at Badminton

Elisa Wallace was sanctioned with a yellow card at Badminton for abuse of her horse on cross country. Watch the video and see what you think....
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FEI lifts suspension of two US Dressage riders after supplement contamination

FEI Lifts US Dressage Suspensions Due to Supplement Contamination

Adrienne Lyle, Kaitlin Blythe A company's investigation confirming a horse supplement's contamination leads to the FEI lifting the suspension of U.S. dressage riders Adrienne Lyle and Kaitlin Blythe. It comes aft...
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Cargill identified Progressive Nutrition Soothing Pink, a horse supplement advertised to prevent gastric upset, as the culprit.

FEI Suspends US Horses, Riders for Prohibited Substances

Prohibited Substances The Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) announced the suspensions of three United States horse and rider combinations due to prohibited substances. The cases involve the use of Banned Su...
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US Equestrian rule change depo provera - MPA

Focus on Depo-Provera and Horse Showing

What is best for the horse? Questions surrounding Depo-Provera remain after a workshop held by US Equestrian last week. The Federation is considering a possible rule change regarding the administration of compounded...
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19 Horses Killed in Mississippi Traffic Accident

19 Horses Killed when Horse Trailer Flips in Mississippi

A single-vehicle accident involving an alleged horse-slaughter hauler leaves 19 of 37 horses dead in Mississippi. The video is shocking....
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The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) grants a rehearing petition filed by two hunter/jumper trainers from Lane Change Farm. Kelley Farmer and Larry Glefke claim they were not properly notified regarding a GABA violation and hearing.

Glefke, Farmer Granted USEF Rehearing for GABA

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) grants a rehearing petition filed by two hunter/jumper trainers from Lane Change Farm. Kelley Farmer and Larry Glefke claim they were not properly notified regarding ...
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Dozens of horses remain stranded in contaminated flood water at a San Jose, CA boarding stable.

Horses Stranded by San Jose Flooding

 28 Horses in Contaminated Flood Waters Dozens of horses remain stranded in contaminated flood water at a San Jose, CA boarding stable Wednesday. Horse owners are trying to help 28 horses at Cooksy Family Stabl...
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USEF Considers Depo-Provera Rule Change

Depo-Provera Workshop The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) is considering a rule change surrounding Depo-Provera in show horses. The federation announced a workshop regarding the hormone's use for horses c...
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5 Horse Rescue Skills Required for Success

5 Horse Rescue Skills Required for Success

What are the 5 horse rescue skills required to operate a successful and reputable horse rescue operation, according to horse rescue experts? You'll be shocked!...
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The agency cites privacy laws. Many animal welfare proponents are concerned with how the lack of transparency will affect animals, including horses.

USDA Removes Animal Welfare Info, Soring Violations from Site

The USDA removes animal welfare documents including inspection reports and enforcement records suddenly. How will this affect horses? ...
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Whoa to Horse Soring

Soring Rule to Eliminate Big Lick Suspended by Memorandum

A soring rule to eliminate the abusive practice of the "Big Lick" is suspended with other legislation after the inauguration. ...
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USDA Anti-Soring Bill Reintroduced to Congress

USDA Soring Rule Change to Protect Walking Horses

The Big Lick's Ban The USDA announced changes to the Horse Protection Act that may prove monumental toward ending the abusive practice of soring. The new rule bans the use of stacks, chains, and other cruel devices. ...
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Chad Keenum USEF GABA Suspension

Chad Keenum GABA Duad Leads to USEF Suspension

Virginia hunter/jumper trainer Chad Keenum of CK Sporthorses is taking a forced vacation from rated horse shows after two of his training horses, True Colors and Vanderloo, tested positive for GABA. ...
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Lane Change Farm's Larry Glefke and Kelley Farmer say they had no knowledge of the alleged violation, charge or a USEF hearing date.

Lane Change Farm's Glefke, Farmer Call Foul

Lane Change Farm's Larry Glefke and Kelley Farmer say they didn't know about the GABA charge or a hearing on the matter or they would have vigorously defended themselves with the help of counsel. ...
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USOC Dismisses Glefke, Farmer Complaint Against USEF

USEF Suspends Larry Glefke, Kelley Farmer for GABA Violation

Lane Change Farm's Larry Glefke received a 24-month suspension and a $24,000 fine. The penalty comes after Kelley Farmer's horse, Unexpected, tested positive for GABA. Farmer is also suspended. ...
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Eight horses are dead after a traffic accident in Texas.

9 Kill Pen Horses Dead in Texas Trailer Accident

A Texas traffic accident involving a Thompson's kill pen horse hauler leaves 9 of 14 horses dead Saturday morning. ...
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Bruce Rotz's truck in accident that killed 10 horses

Trailer Accident Kills 10 Horses in Tennessee

A traffic accident involving a slaughter horse hauler killed 10 of 30 horses in a tractor trailer. ...
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I look forward to helping solve the issues that confront the sport horse industry in the United States, said Uboh in a release.

Uboh Serves as USEF Lab Director

Cornelius Uboh, PhD is now serving the United States Equestrian Federation as it's new Laboratory Director. His appointment lands him at the USEF Equine Research and Testing Laboratory in Lexington, Ky....
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