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Sterling Rachwal convicted animal abuser arrested

Sterling Rachwal: Convicted Horse Abuser Arrested in Wisconsin

Wisconsin officials arrested Sterling Rachwal, an animal sex abuser, on 5 counts including mistreatment of animals causing death. The Green Bay man's history of sneaking into horse barns for his alleged sexual gratificat...
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Kountz Arena Owner Dayle Kountz's request for change of venue in animal cruelty case denied by judge

Judge Denies Change of Venue in Kountz Animal Cruelty Trial

Dayle Kountz trial remains in Gallatin County A Montana judge denied a change of venue request in the trial of a horse breeder charged with animal cruelty. Dayle Kountz allegedly failed to provide his American Pai...
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Brunzell Jail Ends Dual Peppy Neglect Saga

Dual Peppy Animal Cruelty Case Ends: Brunzell Gets Jail

Banned from owning horses A Colorado judge ordered a former American Quarter Horse breeder guilty of animal abuse to begin serving her jail sentence Thursday night. It comes after Sherri Brunzell exhausted her app...
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Marlena Robinson of Bedford, KY entered plea in animal cruelty case after dozens of dead animals were found on her farm.

Kentucky Horse Owner Pleads in Animal Cruelty Death Case

Kentucky horse owner and self-professed horse rescuer Marlena Robinson took a deal in an animal cruelty case involving more than a dozen dead horses....
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Equine Angels Rescue founder Pamela Vivirito guilty of federal fraud.

Equine Angels Horse Rescue Founder Guilty of Federal Fraud

Pamela Vivirito The founder of a now-defunct Pennsylvania horse rescue pleaded guilty last week to two federal charges including mail fraud. Pamela Vivirito, formerly of Valencia, also pleaded guilty to filing a frau...
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Ohio Man Accused of Sawing Injured Horse's Leg Off: Update

Animal Cruelty Ohio authorities say 58-year-old Mark Hill turned himself in after officials obtained an arrest warrant for animal cruelty. Hill, of Fredericktown, allegedly cut off his injured horse's leg with a saw....
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Jerry Lawson aka Jeffrey Scott Haywood

Scheming Stable Manager Sentenced to Prison

Jerry Lawson aka Jeffrey Scott Haywood A Massachusetts judge sentenced fraudster boarding stable manager Jerry Dawson to prison Tuesday. Dawson will serve up to four years in prison for nine counts including larce...
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Conor Swail Charged with Battery on Law Enforcement, Domestic Battery

Conor Swail Charged with Domestic Violence, Battery on Law Enforcement in Wellington

Show jumper Conor Swail is facing felony charges after a domestic violence call ended in battery against Palm Beach Sheriff deputies....
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Animal Cruelty Robert Dimitt

Robert Dimitt Sentenced to Prison for Torturing Horses

Charlotte Northam, of Ada, alerted authorities to dead horses on Dimitt’s property. Dimitt cut the frogs out of the horses’ hooves to “make them run faster”. ...
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Jerry Lawson aka Jeffrey Scott Haywood

Fraudster Boarding Stable Manager Guilty of Forgery

Stable Manager A jury found the stable manager of Canter Brook Equestrian Center in Massachusetts guilty of nine charges including forgery and larceny on Thursday. The long-time fraudster Jerry Dawson also goes by th...
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Prosecutors allege the veterinarian picked up girls at the airport, drove them to a hotel, and picked up money after their transactions with customers.

Wisconsin Veterinarian Sentenced to Prison for Sex Trafficking

Modern Day Slavery A Wisconsin equine veterinarian was sentenced to more than 48 months in prison for sex trafficking Chinese women. Brian Lee Kersten, of Pleasant Valley, is Minnesota's first labor trafficking convic...
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Virginia Horse Rescuer Investigated for Animal Abuse after Dead

Peaceable Farm Embezzlement Case Stalled after Attorneys Fired

Anne Shumate Williams aka Anne Goland The embezzlement case against the former operator of the Virginia horse rescue Peaceable Farm hit a delay Friday. The court was ready to hear motions filed by Anne Goland's de...
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State drops felony HIV charge against Darren Chiacchia 2017.

BREAKING: Florida Drops Darren Chiacchia Felony Case

Olympic Three-day eventer Darren Chiacchia of Independence Farms tells us, “It’s finally over." ...
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Despite aggressive veterinary intervention, the coffin bone came through the sole of the hoof. The foot “turned to mush” and Awesome Ashley was euthanized.

Dimitt Enters Blind Plea in Horse Mutilation Case

Oklahoma hoof-cutting racehorse trainer Robert Dimitt accepted a blind plea. Dimmit mutilated the feet of multiple horses leading to their deaths....
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Marlena Robinson is Charged with 97 Counts including Animal Cruelty

Kentucky Self-Professed Horse Rescuer Faces 97 Charges

Kentucky self-proclaimed horse rescuer Marlena Robinson is facing 97 criminal charges including animal cruelty. Learn what they found....
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Seminole County Sheriff deputies found cocaine, Diazepam, and alcohol at the scene of the single-car crash.

Orlando Equine Veterinarian Charged with DUI, Cocaine Possession

Florida equine veterinarian Scott Langton is facing felony charges for possessing cocaine and a schedule IV controlled substance. Prosecutors charged Langton with driving under the influence and hit and run after he cras...
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Christian Clews Child Porn Charges

Clews Horse Ranch Owner Faces Federal Child Porn Charges

View Child Porn Complaint (details are graphic) A California boarding stable owner is facing federal child pornography charges. Christian Clews, 51, of San Diego, is charged with two counts of knowingly possessing ...
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Emily Champion's Brother Pleads Guilty to Family's Kentucky Murder

No chance of parole A Kentucky man charged with killing his equine veterinarian sister, parents and alleged hit-man entered a guilty plea to four counts of murder Thursday. Ryan Champion, 38, also pleaded guilty to t...
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Horse meat black market Florida

Horse Meat Sale at Illegal Slaughterhouse Leads to Florida Arrest

BREAKING Authorities raided an illegal Florida slaughterhouse early Friday after undercover detectives bought horse meat multiple times at the location. Police arrested Manuel Coto-Martinez, 70, of Miami-Dade. The ...
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Alabama Horseback Riding Instructor Guilty of Child Sex Abuse

Thomas 'Tommy' Tucker, of Robertsdale, faces 71-years in prison. His peers found him guilty of 8 felony counts of sexual assault involving minors under 16-years of age....
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