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Prep for Hurricane Season and Horses: 5 Tips for Before the Storm

5 Hurricane Prep Tips for Horse Owners

Hurricane Dorian is set to strike Florida's east coast. Here are 5 tips to keep your horses safe from the leading causes of horse dea...
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Cargill is issuing a voluntary recall of Southern States horse feed. It comes as a result of elevated aflatoxin levels which can poison your horse resulting in sickness and death, according to veterinarians.

Cargill Recalls Southern States Horse Feed Due to Aflatoxins [RECALL EXPANDED: UPDATE]

Cargill now recalls 11 types of Southern States equine feed due to elevated aflatoxins which can poison your horse resulting in sickn...
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Is your horse's feed safe?

Horse Feed Contaminated with Monensin: FDA Warning Letters

Two feed mills reportedly contaminated horse feed with monensin which led to at least six horses' deaths. The FDA issued both compan...
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Gilman Co-Op Creamery Minnesota - 6 Horse Deaths from Monensin Contaminated Feed: FDA

6 Horse Deaths from Monensin Contaminated Feed: FDA

A single farm took delivery of the custom horse feed in early June. One horse was unable to stand the same day the farm began feeding...
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Find out why Rhodococcus equi may be more prevalent this year and how to protect your foals from pneumonia.

How to Keep Young Foal Lungs Healthy

An equine veterinarian warns horse owners that respiratory disease in young foals may be more prevalent this year. Find out why and ho...
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How can you protect your horses from equisetum - a weed toxic to horses?

Toxic Plant in Utah Hay Blamed for 9 Horse Deaths

As a result, the hay masked the less palatable toxic plant. Commonly called "horsetail," horses are highly susceptible to illness or ...
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Horse Owner Farrier Relationship

Partnership with Farrier Crucial to Your Horse's Success

The relationship between farrier and horse owner or trainer is an important, yet often overlooked, part of the success of the equine a...
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EHV-1 is highly contagious get the scoop

EHV-1: What Horse Owners Should Know

Equine herpesvirus or EHV-1 is highly contagious to horses and can be deadly when horses develop the neurologic form called equine he...
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24 horses killed in barn fire CT

UPDATE: Two Dozen Horses Killed in Connecticut Barn Fire

Twenty four horses perished on Dec. 27 in one of the nation’s worst barn fires in recent history. The early-morning blaze at the ...
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North Carolina Veterinarian Cardenas' License Suspended

Injury to Horse Results in Suspension of NC Veterinarian's License

The North Carolina Veterinary Medical Board has suspended the license of Wake County equine veterinarian Dr. Fernando Cardenas fo...
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Firefighters were called to Del Real Stables

18 Horses Perish in Illinois Stable Fire

Boarding stable A barn fire killed eighteen horses early Wednesday morning at a boarding stable near Plainfield, IL according to fi...
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His owner, Dr. Peter Bernstein, had the sorrel horse named Peppy examined by his primary care veterinarian. He identified two stones in the gelding's bladder. They decided it was best for the Quarter Horse to go to UC Davis Veterinary Hospital for treatment.

Bladder Stone Surgery Alleviates Cutting Horse's Pain

Difficulty urinating, bloody urine A 21-year-old cutting horse gelding was experiencing problematic symptoms including difficulty uri...
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Mickey and Tango died after allegedly eating tainted Nutrena SafeChoice Senior Horse Feed dry pellets in April 2017.

Update: Nutrena Investigates Ionophore Tainted Horse Feed

Lab results detected two ionophores in a bag of Nutrena horse feed after two horses died last month. The horses' SafeChoice Senior h...
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Temperature and moisture both directly impact the anatomy and health of hooves.

How to Protect your Horse's Hooves from Negative Impacts of Weather, Temperature

When horseshoes don’t fit correctly, horses distribute their weight unevenly and land on their feet differently. If they put excessi...
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Cargill pulled Soothing Pink Gastric Supplement from the market due to a ractopamine contamination.

Ractopamine found in Soothing Pink Horse Supplement

Gastric Calming Supplement is culprit in FEI suspensions Cargill states a tainted gastric supplement sold under its brand Progres...
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March 2017 Brook Ledge Horse Transportation Accident Kentucky

Horse Transporter Involved in Kentucky Accident

Three Horses Loaded An accident caused a Brook Ledge horse trailer to overturn Thursday in Kentucky. Lexington firefighters cu...
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3 Horses Injured in Brook Ledge Horse Transport Accident in California 1-2017

Brook Ledge Horse Transport Accident Injures Show Horses

No horses euthanized A California accident involving Brook Ledge Horse Transport leaves three show horses injured. Brook Ledg...
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Barn Fire Kills 5 Horses including Police Horse

Police Horse Among 5 Killed in Indiana Barn Fire

A barn fire in southern Indiana killed five horses, including a police horse, at Davis Ranch in Hardinsburg....
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A barn fire kills 23 horses at Mercury Equine Center, a Lexington Thoroughbred training center.

23 Horses Perish in Mercury Equine Center Stable Fire

A barn fire at the Mercury Equine Center in Kentucky killed 23 horses Sunday....
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Find out how to thicken horse soles.

Thickening Horse Soles with Proper Trimming, Pour-in Pads

Lameness is a key sign of thin soles. If the condition isn’t diagnosed, horses are often uncomfortable walking, especially on hard, ...
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Michael Blowen receives an award for his work with Old Friends

Founder of Old Friends Thoroughbred Retirement Center Awarded AAEP Lavin Cup

The American Association of Equine Practitioners named Thoroughbred racehorse advocate and Old Friends founder Michael Blowen as i...
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Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center Barn Fire Total Loss

Thoroughbred Ozzie Found after Barn Fire at Maffitt Lake Equestrian Center

  Help Find Missing Event Horse Ozzie Thirty horses at an Iowa boarding stable escaped a massive barn fire Friday...
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Canker is a chronic infection of the frog of the hoof.

How to Treat Equine Canker of the Hoof

Canker is a chronic infection of the frog of the hoof. The frog is the soft, cushioned area at the rear of the sole of the horse’s h...
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Contaminated Horse Feed Questions regarding Nutrena

Nutrena Acknowledges Tainted Feed Allegations

Nutrena states it is conducting an investigation after receiving complaints. It comes after a horse owner's allegations of contaminate...
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Ralph's Responders gives gift of Preparedness

Ralph's Responders Gives Emergency Gift

Ready and Living Prepared: Horses (RALPH) Trained to rescue large animals when emergencies strike, a volunteer is giving the gift...
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