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18 Horses Seized from Thompson Kill Pen

18 Horses Seized from Thompson Kill Pen for Alleged Neglect

Louisiana officials seized 18 horses from Thompson Horse Lot & Co. on Wednesday. ...
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Childhood Animal cruelty and link to child abuse

Childhood Animal Abusers Likely Abused: Researchers

Children who abuse animals are up to three times more likely to be victims of abuse themselves... ...
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Horses will now have increased protections under the law just like dogs and cats. First-time offenders can be charged with a felony for serious offenses.

Pennsylvania Governor Signs Tougher Animal Cruelty Bill into Law

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed the animal cruelty bill into law meaning tougher penalties for animal abusers....
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Bill S.299, sponsored by Senator Terrence Murphy, R-Yorktown, which would increase the penalty for multiple convictions of torturing, killing or failing to provide sustenance to an animal to a felony, if convicted within five years from the date of a prior conviction. This will also help protect people as well because animal cruelty is often linked to violence against humans, the sponsors say.

NY Senate Passes Animal Protection Measures

The New York Senate passed measures aimed at bolstering animal protection. Under one measure, the maximum penalties for aggravated a...
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Sussman Allowed to Keep 20 Horses

Sussman Keeps 20 Gila Horses, 520 Horses Rescued

ISPMB's Herd Allowed up to 40 Horses South Dakota officials reached a settlement with the operator of the purported charity Inte...
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Horse Auction and Kill Buyer - The Grey Mare's Death

Did Animal Cruelty Cause Horse's Death at Auction?

"She's dead anyway" Pennsylvania authorities are investigating the death of a horse at New Holland Sales Stables. Individuals desc...
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South Dakota Authorities File Motion for Ownership of Karen Sussman, ISPMB Horses

Court to Decide Ownership of 540 ISPMB Horses

Marc Hammrich, DVM determined Karen Sussman neglected the ISPMB horses. "... many of the horses were emaciated and in poor body c...
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South Dakota officials have postponed the auction of up to 650 mustangs. It is the latest turn after mustang sanctuary operator Karen Sussman allegedly starved her horses prior to the authorities involvement.

South Dakota Auction of Karen Sussman's Mustangs Postponed

South Dakota officials have postponed the auction of up to 650 mustangs. It is the latest turn after mustang sanctuary operator Kare...
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550+ Seized Horses Head To Faith Auction, May Face Slaughter

550+ Seized Horses Head to Faith Auction, May Face Slaughter

South Dakota authorities announced the new auction location for horses seized from purported mustang sanctuary operator Karen Sussman...
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Thoroughbreds Mutilated with Acid to Hide Identity by Removing Lip Tattoos

Thoroughbreds Dumped at New Holland Mutilated with Acid

The Pennsylvania SPCA is investigating a case of animal cruelty after three Thoroughbreds were discovered at the New Holland Aucti...
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Karen Sussman wild horse allegations of neglect

Wild Horse Annie Dies Second Death

Animal welfare issue A South Dakota prosecutor confirms no charges will be filed against a wild horse sanctuary operator accused of ...
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Caren Brown's horses seized in Texas

Texas Deputies Seize 45+ Horses from Purported Thoroughbred Rescue

Are Thunderfoot Equine Rehab and Rescue helping Thoroughbreds or abusing them? We tried to ask Caren Brown, although couldn't reac...
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Sussman Seeks Return of 400 Horses to ISPMB: Sheriff

Karen Sussman of the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros (ISPMB) is seeking the return of 400 horses,...
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Vet says ISPMB's horses are neglected

Judge Orders 650+ ISMPB's Horses Impounded to Ensure Care

A South Dakota judge authorized the impoundment of at least 650 wild horses from Karen Sussman Tuesday. She operates the feigned ch...
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Starving horse shown dead at charity's ranch for wild horses.

30+ Wild Horses Starve as Charity's Mission Fails: Former Employee

Claims of more than 30 wild horses dying horrific starvation deaths fall upon the South Dakota charity International Society for the...
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Madeleine Pickens needs your help finding those responsible for the deaths of at least 12 wild mustangs at her sanctuary.

$100K Bounty after Wild Horses Killed at Madeleine Pickens' Sanctuary

$100K Reward Madeleine Pickens needs your help finding those responsible for the deaths of at least 12 wild mustangs. She is of...
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Thoroughbred Tattoo Cut Out of Lip Kill Buyer

Thoroughbred Mutilation Leads to Race for Truth

Update A Thoroughbred mare believed to have had her lip tattoo cut out has been identified by DNA testing. The Jockey Club p...
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Horse meat black market Florida

Two Horses Slaughtered in Miami: Authorities

Authorities say they found a second horse slaughtered Monday morning in South Florida, a day after the gruesome discovery of anothe...
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Eli is waiting for someone to help him out of horse farm.

Whisper Ridge Equine Sanctuary: OSPCA Says Horses in "Improved Health"

Horse welfare proponents are fighting to get help for horses at a Canadian stable that bills itself as an equine sanctuary. Althoug...
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Whoa to Horse Soring

Vet Association Exposes Soring Lies

A veterinarian association is separating fact from fiction regarding soring and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) prop...
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Horses Dying leads to animal cruelty investigation

Horse Deaths Pose Questions about Equine 'Sanctuary'

Disturbing questions persist after Canadian equine sanctuary Whispering Ridge Equine Sanctuary is exposed regarding allegations of a...
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UPDATE: $10K Reward in Paintball Mare Cruelty Investigation

UPDATE: $10K Reward in Paintball Mare Cruelty Investigation

Animal cruelty investigators are looking for the person that shot an aged mare more than 125 times with paint balls and they're asking...
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NC Launches Animal Cruelty Hotline

NC Launches Animal Cruelty Hotline

The North Carolina Attorney General has launched a new tool for reporting animal cruelty around the state. Once received, the compla...
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40 Horses Seized in Virginia from Convicted Animal Abuser

40 Horses Seized in Virginia from Convicted Animal Abuser

A convicted animal abuser is under investigation after 40 horses were seized from a Virginia property, officials say. A search warran...
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Ohio authorities are asking for your help finding 58-year-old Mark Hill after they obtained an arrest warrant for animal cruelty.

California Authorities Investigating Horse's Poisoning Death

California authorities say they are investigating an animal cruelty case after a horse and dog died after being fed tainted horse trea...
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