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FEI Slaps American Eventers with 12-mo Anti Doping Ban

FEI Slaps American Eventers with 12-mo Doping Ban

The FEI Tribunal has approved settlement agreements leading to 12-month anti-doping bans for three American eventers. Samples pulled from eventers Alyssa Phillips, Hannah Burnett, and Jennie Brannigan at the Ocala-...
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A cowgirl bodly saves a horse running down Texas highway - all caught on video.

Cowgirl Boldly Saves Horse on TX Highway [VIDEO]

Maybe things got too overwhelming for this Quarter Horse at his Texas stable so he left it all behind. Who doesn't know that horses aren't the most rational thinkers? In the game of life, they are all flight. ...
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Horse Authority: Champions of social change for horse welfare

What Does Our New Name Mean for Horse Welfare?

Rate My Horse PRO is now Horse Authority. Passion led us here in 2010, while purpose drives us to improve. Horse Authority combines innovation, technology, and good business to deliver sustainable solutions that posit...
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Horse's Agreed Value vs. Horse's Actual Cash Value

How to Find Your Best Equine Insurance

When considering purchasing equine mortality insurance you may come across different terms related to your horse's value. These include “agreed value” and “actual cash value” (fair market value). So what's it all...
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Rebecca Rigdon hacked email wire fraud

Online Fraud when Importing Horses

A horse shopping excursion to Amsterdam left a California dressage trainer the victim of online fraud for hundreds of thousands of dollars when importing horses. What can you do to protect yourself? ...
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Horse Show Dads: Horses Can Improve Your Golf Game

Horse Show Dads: Horses Can Improve Your Golf Game

For equestrians trying to justify those monthly horse expenses to their horse show dads (or moms), there's good news. Horses are helping golfers improve their performance and consistency on the golf course....
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Miniature Horses Head of the Class in Maryland

Miniature Horses Head of the Class in Maryland

A Maryland school district approved guidelines allowing the use of miniature horses as service animals aligning it with the Americans with Disabilities Act. ...
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First ever all-female side to lift the coveted Aga Khan trophy

All Female Team USA Sweeps FEI Nations Cup Jumping 2017

More than Lady Luck for USA Win by Louise Parks Team USA secured a definitive victory in the eighth and last leg of the FEI Nations Cup™ Jumping 2017 Europe Division 1 League in Dublin (IRL) Friday. Th...
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Equine Researchers Tackle Coronavirus

While there is still much to be known about equine coronavirus (ECoV), researchers at UC Davis are discovering many commonalities among horses infected with the disease and are hopeful to someday find the root cause. The...
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USEF is also raising the drugs and medication charge per horse, per show to $15 from $8.

USEF Raises Cost of Joy in Horse Sports

The United States Equestrian Federation (USEF) announced it is raising membership fees $25 to $80 - along with another fee increase....
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USOC Dismisses Glefke, Farmer Complaint Against USEF

USOC dismisses a complaint brought by Larry Glefke and Kelley Farmer against the USEF due to a procedural issue....
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A new equine crime fighter named Justice is on duty for the Fresno County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol Unit.

Equine Crime Fighter Hoofing it on California Streets

A new equine crime fighter named Justice is on duty for the Fresno County Sheriff's Mounted Patrol Unit in California....
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Hiring practices in the horse industry

Extra H-2B Visas Could Benefit Horse Industry

Temporary, seasonal workers The Department of Homeland Security has reportedly decided to offer extra H-2B visas for temporary, seasonal workers. The visas for non-agriculture workers help a variety of businesses, in...
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Horse riding therapy produces a multisensory environment. The three-dimensional movements of the horse’s back create a sensory experience that closely resembles the human gait.

Horse Riding has Benefits for Stroke Patients: Study

Horse riding therapy produces a multisensory environment for those recovering from the serious brain trauma. The three-dimensional movements of the horse’s back create a sensory experience that closely resembles the huma...
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Dr. Glenn Blodgett was named the 2017 National Golden Spur Award winner.

Veterinarian Named National Golden Spur Winner

Resident veterinarian of the Four Sixes Ranch (6666) horse division is named this year's recipient of what the ranching industry describes as its most prestigious honor. Dr. Glenn Blodgett is the 2017 National Golden S...
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Akhal-Teke horses with Naked Foal Syndrome which means they are hairless due to a recessive trait.

Researchers Identify Deadly Genetic Link in Hairless Horses

Researchers believe they have identified the gene that causes the deadly Naked Foal Syndrome (NFS) in the hairless horse. ...
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In a previous study, researchers found about 26% of SCC-affected horses in a retrospective study were Haflingers.

Genetic Link to Equine Eye Cancer Found

Squamous Cell Carcinoma Researchers have identified a genetic mutation in horses allowing for the identification of horses at risk for squamous cell carcinoma of the eye. Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the most com...
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Kent Farrington and Creedance

USA Olympian Kent Farrington overtakes Ward for Number One

Olympic silver medalist Kent Farrington has overtaken compatriot McLain Ward to jump up to the number one spot in the Longines Rankings for the first time. ...
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Monensin Toxicity Blamed for California Horses' Deaths: Lab

Western Milling Fined $526K for Contaminated Horse Feed: CDFA

The CDFA states horse feed manufacturer Western Milling must pay a $526K fine for producing and selling monensin contaminated horse feed. In California, 49 horses were poisoned....
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Michael Jung (GER) and FischerRocana FST win at Kentucky, third leg of the FEI Classics™, for the third consecutive year. (FEI/Rebecca Berry)

Michael Jung and FischerRocana Win Rolex Three-Day Three-Peat

Jung retains Kentucky crown by Kate Green Germany’s Michael Jung smashed another record when winning the Kentucky Three-Day Event for the third year running on the 12-year-old FischerRocana. “She is a real...
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