Boarding Stable Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty Star Patriot (barn name Stinky) in better days (above) and emaciated (below.) Photos provided by authorities.   

Boarding Stable Owner Charged with Animal Cruelty

A Washington boarding stable owner is charged with animal cruelty after a boarder’s horse was allegedly starved in her care.
Rose Ridlon boarded the Arabian gelding named Stinky for his absentee owner for almost three years until authorities received a tip from a veterinarian. Lindsay Helvey, DVM from Northwest Equine Veterinary Associates euthanized the 15 year-old bay horse when he “became so weak he could no longer stand up. His weak emaciated condition was caused by starvation,” according to court documents.
Ridlon, who owns Four Boys Farm in Kent, reportedly never told Stinky’s owner, Nancy Peluso, that the equine was in poor condition. Despite not visiting, Peluso told authorities she would call monthly to check on her horse. That was until Peluso told the barn owner she was coming for a visit in early 2013. Ridlon allegedly characterized Stinky as “looking a little puny” prior to Peluso’s arrival.
Rate My Horse PRO obtained Four Boys Farm’s boarding contract signed by both parties. It states the stable agrees to provide “adequate feed and facilities for normal and reasonable care required to maintain the health and well being of the horse.”
According to court documents, Ridlon also hired a farrier to provide veterinarian services on Peluso’s horse. We have requested additional information pertaining to this aspect of the case.
Ridlon is charged with a single felony and is scheduled to make her first appearance on May 1.
Our attempts to reach Ridlon were unsuccessful.
Update: This case was not prosecuted successfully reportedly due to problems with evidence collection.