BLM Gathering 200 Cold Creek Horses Cold Creek horses drinking on August 30, 2015. Photo by Jimmy Grosse

BLM Gathering 200 Cold Creek Horses

The Bureau of Land Management is gathering a group of 200 wild horses in the Cold Creek area of southern Nevada. The agency says due to the drought the horses don’t have enough food and need intervention.
“Our goal is to help as many horses as we can,” said BLM Acting State Director John Ruhs. “Many of the animals are in very poor condition, and we do not expect the situation to improve any time soon.”
Not everyone agrees with the BLM’s solution for helping the equines. Some suggested dropping feed for the group of about 420 horses until the situation improves on the land northwest of Las Vegas.
Since Saturday, just over 110 of the wild horses have been moved using hay and water as bait. A witness to the process said he saw three trailers leaving with captured horses. “None were fighting the wranglers or [sp] fighting not to be loaded. It seemed very humane during the entire ordeal.”
The time frame for the round-ups could be finished in days to weeks, according to the BLM. The gathered horses are taken a short distance to temporary holding facility at the BLM’s Oliver Ranch where they will be gone over by a veterinarian. They will also have free choice hay and water.
The BLM says the horses will be adopted or moved to off-range holding pastures in the future.