Photo of Alleged Horse Killer in Arkansas Horse Theft

Billy Hamilton: ‘Person of Interest’ in Arkansas Horse Theft

Alleged horse killer Billy Hamilton continues to elude police. Arkansas officials are now asking for the public’s assistance in locating Hamilton, who also goes by the name Willy W. Hamilton.

Hamilton has not been charged in connection with the November theft of five rodeo horses, however Sergeant Donald Wray from the Southern Arkansas University System Police says Hamilton is a “person of interest.”

Hamilton is known as a “horse trader” and livestock thief in Arkansas and Texas. He is currently wanted in Arkansas on open warrants for matters not involving the five stolen horses. Officials say a bench warrant from November 2009 was issued for the alleged theft of cattle. Wray says, “he likely can be dangerous but definitely will resist any arrest.”

Four of the stolen rodeo horses were found in a remote part of Oklahoma tied to trees without food or water and left to starve. The fifth horse named Credit Card was found dead. According to one of the probable cause affidavits, “Credit Card was shot in the head and had its throat slit by a William “Billy” Hamilton.”

SAU rodeo team member Jaci Rae Jackson faces felony charges in Arkansas and Oklahoma. She pleaded not guilty. Her next court appearance will be in Oklahoma this week.

If you have information regarding Hamilton contact your local law enforcement or dial 911.


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