Billy Hamilton is preparing for his parole at Hidden Creek Quapaw .

Billy Hamilton has History of Abusing the Defenseless

 Authorities are searching for the man they say is “a person of interest” in the Arkansas five horse theft case. William “Billy” Hamilton is commonly known to officials as a cattle thief, but Rate My Horse PRO has learned he has a history of abusing the innocent.

Hamilton was charged with battery in the first degree in 1997. Court records state he was giving his girlfriend’s 18 month old son a bath and the boy fell and fractured his skull. Hamilton told authorities he turned to grab shampoo and tried to catch the child, but his head and back hit the floor.

Upon examination at the hospital, documents state doctors suspected abuse. The child had a fractured skull, broken ribs in various stages of healing, and bruising on his body.

Hamilton pleaded guilty to the charge and was sentenced to fifteen years behind bars with ten suspended. Of his five year sentence, he served a year and a half in prison. When he was released he spent three years on parole.

Hamilton was named by defendant Jaci Rae Jackson as one of the people involved in the theft of the rodeo horses in November. Jackson told an informant about one of the stolen horses according to authorities, “She wanted the horse killed and watched as Credit Card was shot in the head and had its throat slit by a William “Billy” Hamilton. Jackson went further in stating that Credit Card was then “quartered” or cut into numerous pieces by Hamilton and an identified juvenile for easy transport and disposal.”

 Hamilton has not been charged in connection with the horses’ theft however he is wanted in an unrelated case.

Jackson remains free on bond. Her next hearing is scheduled for March.