Billy Hamilton Charged in Horse Theft, Teen Arrested


Updated May 16, 2012

The man accused of stealing five horses and brutally slaughtering one of them has been charged in the Arkansas case.

William “Billy” Hamilton is charged with six counts of theft of property according to Columbia County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney David Butler. “One count is for each horse and one is for the horse trailer,” says Butler.

Butler says he’s releasing few details since the investigation is on-going, however, another arrest has also been made in the case. Seventeen-year-old George Berrish III was picked up in Magnolia and remains behind bars. He has been charged with six counts of theft of property and is being held on $150,000 bond. Butler says he has been charged as an adult.

George Berrish III
George Berrish III

 A juvenile is mentioned in previously released court documents, which state Jaci Rae Jackson “watched as “Credit Card” was shot in the head and had its throat slit by a William “Billy” Hamilton. Jackson went further in stating that “Credit Card” was then “quartered” or cut into numerous pieces by Hamilton and an identified juvenile for easy transport and disposal.”

Both men remain behind bars. Authorities say Hamilton is being transferred to Columbia County. The men are scheduled to be in court tomorrow.

Oklahoma detectives have not interviewed Hamilton to date.

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