Beth Hoskins Convicted of Animal Cruelty One of Beth Hoskins's horses after it was seized by the SPCA in 2010.

Beth Hoskins Convicted of Animal Cruelty

Morgan breeder

A New York judge found Morgan horse breeder Beth Hoskins guilty of 52 misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty on Monday.

The verdict came after a bench trial in Aurora Town Court that went on for more than a year. Justice Douglas Marky acquitted Hoskins of 22 counts.

Hoskins says she will appeal the ruling. “We’re not done yet. This was just one person and one person’s opinion,” said Hoskins after the verdict.

Hoskins’s farm was raided in March 2010 by the SPCA Serving Erie County.  The agency seized 73 horses, and 57 cats and dogs after the animals were found in deplorable conditions. A judge returned 40 horses to Hoskins after the raid.

The SPCA says it’s spent about $900,000 caring for Hoskins’s horses over the past three years.

Sentencing is scheduled for September 26.

Hoskins is suing several defendants in civil court, including the SPCA, for $2 billion. She alleges fraud and defamation.