Why trust? Verify.

When it comes to your horses or whatever is most precious to you, why trust? Verify — with $35 criminal background checks that are FCRA compliant.

Background checks offer an additional level of due diligence not attainable during job interviews, screening equestrian candidates’ pre-selected references or doing pre-scheduled horse farm visits.

Horse Authority provides you access to FCRA compliant background screening, and the necessary paperwork, so even if this is the first time you’ve done a background check you can screen like a hiring professional.

These accredited background checks give you a historical look at a candidate’s decision-making skills while confirming their identity.


For the negligible investment of $35, experience the peace of mind that comes with being proactive.


No one is above suspicion - $35 criminal background check at HorseAuthority.co
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What do they look for in this $35 criminal background check?



Here’s a behind the scenes look at $35 background checks offered by the animal welfare champions at Horse Authority.

Every FCRA compliant background screening includes:

Social Security Verification

› Hands-on identity verification verifies the applicant’s name and birthdate against their social security number. This helps eliminate the possibility of false names and information.

Even more, when there is a discrepancy in the data, human investigators follow-up.

Address Trace

› A hands-on address trace determines the depth of investigation necessary by the applicant’s current and previous addresses.

Local Criminal Record Search

› Investigators perform state and/or county criminal record searches at the appropriate courthouses to capture all misdemeanor and felony records.

National Criminal Record Search

› The national database search provides access to criminal data from all 50 states. It includes Guam, and Puerto Rico, provided by the National Background Directory.

The database supplies over 800 million criminal records and is used as a supplemental tool to the investigation, although never as a standalone method.

Sex Offender Registry

› A search of all 50 state repositories and the District of Columbia for known sex offenders.

Re-verify Criminal Records

Reverification of national and sex offender criminal records.

Final Report

 › The background screening company returns the results on average within two to three business days.

 The reporting methods follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requirements. Additionally, the form your candidate must fill out is provided once payment is received.



A motor vehicle record check (MVR) can be added to any background check.

An MVR checks a candidate’s driving record. It also offers a second confirmation method of the individual’s identity.


Accredited by NAPBS

Horse Authority offers you exclusive access to the official, comprehensive background checks used by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), for their coaches and almost two dozen National Governing Bodies (NGBs), including US Equestrian (United States Equestrian Federation or USEF).

Additionally, this accredited screening service is only available to the pet and equine industries at Horse Authority.




National Database Search FACTS 

A National Database Search should never be used as a standalone due diligence method, according to the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS).


How do you know when a company offers onlyNational Criminal Database record search?

Experts say there are 3 things to look for, which are:

› offers free or super low-cost background checks online (under $13),

› screener does NOT require the applicant’s social security number,

› and it promises immediate results.



Horse Authority does not have access to any criminal background check or motor vehicle record check (MVR) results.