Make smarter decisions while saving time, money

Horse Authority provides the equine industry extraordinary knowledge-based tools including nationally accredited background checks. 

Make smarter decisions about horse related candidates while saving time and money. Fiercely protect whatever is most precious to you. 

Mitigating risk requires the negligible investment of $35Background checks offer a higher level of consistency, protection, and consumer confidence compared to other due diligence methods. This proven background check solution offers flexible submission options online or off. Additionally, it is beneficial for:

pre-employment vetting of horse job candidates,

screening potential horse adopters,

› the due diligence of horse-related volunteers when young equestrians or money are involved,

and vetting of horse associations’ “professional horsemen” or “certified” horseback riding instructors, etc.


Exclusive Access

Horse Authority provides the equine industry exclusive access to the United States Olympic Committee’s (USOC) preferred background screening provider. As a result, USOC National Governing Body, US Equestrian (USEF) uses the same company to perform background checks for the SafeSport Initiative.


Self-Background Checks

Uncertain about US Equestrian’s background check or an upcoming horse job interview?

Stress no more! Horse Authority has you covered with the self-background check. Most notably, this proactive approach to managing your professional reputation allows you to check your record for accuracy. Learn what your background check reveals before it counts. 

The Federal Trade Commission reports as of March 2017 that identity theft is the third largest consumer complaint in the nation. Michigan, Florida, and Delaware are the top three states with identity theft complaints.

In case of an error, due to identity theft or a similar issue, a self-background check affords you the opportunity to correct your official record.

Protect your hard-earned professional reputation. You only get one! 



What do background checks reveal? 




Horse Authority does not have access to any background check or motor vehicle record check (MVR) results.