Connecticut Stable Owner Brutally Attacked Lisa Rader was attacked and left for dead at her East Hampton farm.

Arrest in Brutal Attack of White Birch Farm Owner

“He left me for dead”

State police arrested the son-in-law of Connecticut stable owner Lisa Rader on Thursday. Authorities say Matthew Frick had a role in the savage beating of Rader at her White Birch Farm last September.

Frick is charged with aiding and abetting to first-degree assault, aiding and abetting to commit home invasion, and aiding and abetting to commit burglary in the first degree.

State police say they expect more arrests to be made as the investigation continues.

Matthew Frick
Matthew Frick

“He left me for dead,” Rader told NBC Connecticut.

She told the affiliate she believes her son-in-law tried to kill her. Rader said she was hit with a cast-iron pot and struck 41 times with a fireplace stoker in what she believes is part of an on-going dispute with her daughter.

Frick married Rader’s daughter, Amy Rader Frick. She ran her horse training business out of her mother’s farm until she got married in 2013. Matthew and Amy Frick own a boarding, training, and lesson facility located in Portland that is also called White Birch Farm.

After her mother’s attack, Amy Frick told local news agencies she hadn’t spoken to Rader for more than a year due to an on-going dispute.

Matthew Frick posted a $250,000 bond on Friday. The judge signed a protective order to keep Frick away from his mother-in-law. He is scheduled to be back in court in June.

Within minutes of publishing our news report to social media, Frick’s wife came on Rate My Horse PRO’s Facebook page under the name Amy Rader and commented, “Thank you for feeding the media circus.”