Arabian Trainer Sentenced for Horse Beating

Arabian Trainer Sentenced for Horse Beating

A Washington horse trainer was given a suspended 364-day jail sentence on Thursday. Nola Butler pleaded guilty last month to first-degree attempted animal cruelty.

In May 2013, witnesses say Butler beat a customer’s Arabian mare after she was thrown from the horse twice. It happened at Carleton Farm in Lake Stevens. Witnesses say Butler slogged the mare named Megan until she couldn’t stand.

“Nola was repeatedly striking Megan with the end of a lunge whip at very close range. Megan’s head was tied so she could (not) move. Nola swore and continued to beat Megan. Finally, Megan fell to the ground and Nola kick(ed) her in the stomach…,” according to a witness.

A veterinarian examined Megan the next day. “The mare still had multiple areas of swelling, some hair loss, and blood on her body…  For tissue swelling and bleeding to occur significant force had to be applied to the horse,” the veterinarian stated.

In order to stay out of jail, Butler must pay a $1,000 fine and complete 40-hours of community service. She was ordered to serve probation until July 2017.