APHA Trainer Sentenced after Pleading Guilty to Rape Brad House

APHA Trainer Sentenced after Pleading Guilty to Rape

A Paint Horse trainer must register as a sex offender in Missouri, according to the St. Charles County Prosecutor’s office. Brad House, of Wentzville, pleaded guilty to statutory rape on Monday.
House was sentenced to a suspended five-year prison sentence. He must serve five-years supervised probation with conditions. He will not serve time in the Missouri Department of Corrections unless his probation is revoked.
House, 36, had an on-going sexual relationship with a 15-year old girl between December 2012 and October 2013. The two became acquainted when the minor boarded her horse at Dardenne Creek Stables in Defiance. He continues to work for the farm.
House was arrested in October 2014 and released on $50,000 bond. A grand jury indicted him on a single charge of statutory rape in December.
As a part of more than 20 conditions of his probation, House is not allowed to:
– teach, manage, or train female horseback riding students under the age of 17-years-old.
– work in a role where he is in authority over female minors or work where girls may be located.
– travel outside the state for horse show competitions before receiving permission from his probation officer.
– have unsupervised contact at public horse shows with female minors.
– post on any social media or dating sites. And any internet use must be pre-approved.
House must also provide a DNA sample which will be registered in the CODIS database.