Anne Goland Remains Behind Bars The emaciated haunches of one of the surviving equines from Peaceable Farm.

Anne Goland Remains Behind Bars

The former operator of Peaceable Farm remains in a Virginia jail after her Friday bond hearing was continued. Anne Shumate Williams, also known as Anne Goland, is accused of embezzling funds from the now-defunct horse rescue.

Goland was indicted last month on 13 counts of embezzlement related to the horse rescue. Her alleged crimes took place from October 2012 thru June 2015.

Last October, Orange County authorities raided Goland’s Somerset property where she ran Peaceable Farm. They found dozens of dead and emaciated horses. She is charged with 27 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty, but has been out on bond since November.

During Friday’s hearing, the state asked the judge to deny Goland’s conditional release due to her past bond violations. Prosecutors say she has been spending $25,000 a month since her release and moved without telling their office. The defense argued Goland is not a risk to the community.

The judge was unwilling to rule after Goland’s sister, a crucial witness for the state, left without testifying. Goland’s sister is being subpoenaed to testify at an April 21 bond hearing.