Almost 2 Dozen Montana Horses Left Shot Two women find horses shot and mutilated in a Montana field. AP Photo/Larry Mayer   

Almost 2 Dozen Montana Horses Left Shot, Slaughtered in Field

State officials are investigating after almost two dozen horses were shot and left dead in a Montana field. Some of the horses were decapitated.
A group of locals looking for their missing horses found the gruesome scene near Lodge Grass on the Crow Indian Reservation. The Billings Gazette reports one woman found her son’s horse named Tank. “That was (my) son’s best friend that got killed,” BethYana Pease-Takes Horse said. “He’s had that horse since he was 5.” The horse was piled with others including one that was decomposed down almost to nothing, but its bones.
Even more shocking, some of the horses’ heads were cut off. Officials collected the heads as evidence. Multiple agencies began investigating last week.
Although the horses are owned by private individuals, it is illegal to kill free roaming horses on the Crow Reservation, because it is an open range. Private owners are not required to keep their horses fenced and any land owner who wants the horses off their property must fence them out.
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