Allegations of Attempted Rape in Arkansas Horse Theft Credit Card was one of the rodeo horses stolen in early November and was found deceased. Photo provided by SAU.

Allegations of Attempted Rape in Arkansas Horse Theft

The cruel death of an innocent animal has many questioning the motivation behind the alleged actions of Jaci Rae Jackson.

Troubling details continue to surface in the stolen rodeo horses case. An informant says Jackson told him “that a couple of boys that are on Southern Arkansas University’s rodeo team had attempted to rape her and that she planned on stealing the horses to get them kicked off the rodeo team,” according to an arrest affidavit from Oklahoma authorities.

In documents just released, investigators note Jaci Rae Jackson had some kind of “romantic problems” with at least one of the owners of the stolen horses. Horse Authority contacted Rodeo Coach Rusty Hays regarding this new information, however he didn’t want to comment. Earlier this week he told us that he believes jealousy is what led to the theft.

Court documents also state that she said “the two men that were going to assist her in stealing the horses wanted to steal more than just two horses.”

In early November five roping horses were stolen from the Southern Arkansas University’s barn. The horses were owned by rodeo team members. A horse trailer and tack that were also taken.

Four of the horses were found in mid-November near the home of Jackson’s mother, Wendie Cox, according to the affidavit. The horses were tied to trees, the grey mare painted with camouflage, all left to die. The fifth horse, Credit Card, was unaccounted for until they found his remains on November 25 in a pasture area, approximately one-half mile north of Cox’s house, according to authorities.

Recorded conversations detail Jackson’s alleged involvement in the death of Credit Card. “Jaci [Jackson] stated that Billy Hamilton, her mother’s boyfriend, had killed the horse known as Credit Card by shooting it and cutting it’s throat. Jaci [Jackson] said that they then quartered it up and scattered it’s remains.”

Jackson pleaded not guilty at her first appearance and posted bond last night. She remains behind bars and is awaiting an extradition hearing to Oklahoma. She is charged with moving stolen property into the state, knowingly concealing stolen property, and animal cruelty – which are all felonies. Stay with Horse Authority for the latest in the case.